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Real Planar Magnetic Driver In-Ear Monitor

    7+7 N52 rubidium magnet array
    High-Quality OFC Silver-Plated Cable
    High-precision nanoscale silver-plated diaphragm
    Exquisite Finish With Aluminum Alloy Face Covers
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An Entry-Level Headset with Great Cost-Effectiveness

As the new earphone of KZ, the KZ PR2 earphone offers a range of features and benefits that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality, reliable in-ear monitors. Whether you're a music lover or a professional audio engineer, the KZ PR2 earphone delivers the performance and comfort you need to enjoy your music to the fullest.

Newly Developed 13.2mm Real Planar Unit

KZ PR2 is equipped with a newly developed 13.2mm real planar unit which brings faster response speed and better high-frequency performance. It replaces the voice coil structure with ultra-low resistance nano-silver electroplating lines.

7+7 N52 Rubidium Magnet Array

KZ PR2 is equipped with a double-sided array magnetic circuit system composed of 14 N52 rubidium magnets, which brings the magnetic circuit performance to an ideal level, has a stronger transient response, and brings exquisite and vivid on-site sound quality.

High-Precision Nanoscale Silver-plated Diaphragm

KZ PR2 has adopted a silver-plated nanoscale diaphragm which provides a great sound quality. Its circuit is plated on the diaphragm using a silver-plated process. The accuracy of the circuit needs to be controlled within 2 microns, resulting in higher technical requirements.

Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship

Alloy one-piece die-cast front housing, made of high-density alloy material, has a delicate appearance and smooth feel. The semi-open exhaust design can effectively relieve the pressure of the cavity and control excess clutter reflection. Oxygen-free copper core with silver-plated surface can improve the efficiency of audio signal transmission.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ x HBB PR2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ x HBB PR2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

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Silver-Plated Cable
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Tiago Manuel Alves
Really Good

These are my first planar IEMs and so far I feel quite happy with their performance. I'm giving 4 stars because the cable is not the best one and the built material, considering the price, could be better. However, I understand to have such price point with the technology involved you need to compromise something.

Excellent sound signature

The highs have been fixed from the earlier version. A planar iem is unheard of at this price. The sound signature is great and rivals iems priced above $100+. KZ has created a gem. It has the planar bass slam without affecting the mids and has great dynamic sound with the iBasso DX90 dap.

Arvid Svensson


Treblehead's IEMs

These have very good resolution, the bass is tight and controlled and the midrange is clear. However, there is too much upper treble. I changed to narrow bore tips and listen to them with the balanced cable. These are so low sensitive that they require a separate headphone amplifier. The construction and the cable of these is okay. The foam tips fits well and these don't drop of your ears. I think that these are good value for the price if you can tame the upper treble.

Ulrich L
TOTL sound for this price?

KZ PR2 (v1 mesh) is a wonderful IEM. The sound quality you get from this set is comparable with 1k$ sets.

I have many IEMS and the most expensive one is CA andromeda(old version). I can easily say that pr2 is the best among them. I get better sub bass and lowerend articulation on pr2 so its replaced my andromedas. My daily driver is now pr2. Its incredibly resolving. Mids are so clear and detailed. Sound has great texture. Vocal placement is very good, depending on the track its generally above my head. Its really awesome that pr2 has vocal intimacy even better than andromeda. When you combine vocal intimacy with large soundstage instrument sounds coming from front, back, rears its real fun. You get sound coming ‘out of the head’ experience with this set, even some midfi /500$~/ sets dont give you this feeling...

1-2 years ago you could easily have sold this set with a 1k+$ price. Comparing this with other budget IEMs is meaningless thats why I compared it with andromeda. So, no cons ever? Of course there are some:

-you need a powerful source. At least 500mw for this to rock. With weak sources treble gets hot, details and soundstage lost, subbass tightness and general thickness of sound gone, you get thin sound with sharp and harsh treble...

-mid bass is a bit inadequate even with powerful sources. It'd be better if it had more body. But subbass is crazy good, it rumbles, firm, wet, organic and analog.

Im not sure if we ever see a TOTL sounding set with this price again. They removed the mesh after the first few batches. People claiming its nowhere near the v1 but I never listened the v2 version.

Thanks to HBB and KZ for this set. People who have this set; please complete the burn in process. Sound dramatically changes after some period. All planars need it.

High end sound, budget price

- very transparent sound
- exciting yet non fatiguing treble
- included ear tips actually not bad
- a detail beast on balanced output
- crazy value for money
- handsome design

- needs good amplification to truly shine
- included 3.5mm cable is usable but very basic

The PR2's are my daily drivers. I use them on my Fiio M11 Plus ESS, connected to the balanced out. The resulting sound is the best I've ever heard out of a set of IEMs. They surpass my Letshuoer S12's, which cost more. The PR2's even rival my Thieaudio Clairvoyance set, which cost way, way more. The Clairvoyance still have a unique sound, so I'm not quite willing to give them up yet. But I haven't used anything for serious music listening except the PR2's since acquiring them. They are that good. While the PR2's sound just fine on single-ended output, they are even finer when heard balanced. It means having to upgrade the cable, but the PR2's deserve it.

In my experience, the ear tips that come with IEMs are often a mismatch with the product. But to my ears, the ones included with the PR2's actually don't get in the way of the sound, which is progress. That said, I still experimented with different ear tips. I settled on memory foam tips from a different set of IEMs (from Tin Hi Fi) that really brought the best out of the PR2's.

The PR2's are an insane value for money. They deliver good sound right out of the box, and compete with much more expensive headphones. As long as the audio source has the juice to drive them, the PR2's will not disappoint.

Matěj Ďurajka



very good for the price !

Zbyněk Polívka
Hype? Its real!

I knew, that this sound profile will not be my favored. But i want to experience planar magnetic earphones for the first time.

The transparency of the sound, fast bass, great mid-range and great comfort just wins my ears. I listen to PR2 as often, as to my most favored Ikko OH10.

Stock cable is not great, but replacement cable cost a few dollars and it goes a long way. And the ear tips are also not great. Better to grab Spinfit or Spring Tips.

For 45$ shipped, this is just fantastic pair of IEM. Highly recommended!

Sean Keoghan
Stealth Revision

The manufacturer changed how these are made in a way that alters the sound and then they didn't tell anyone.

It's the second time I've been burned by KZ, I'm never buying any of their products again.

I only gave it two stars because Linsoul's service bumped it up a star.

Hello there,

We are sorry about your problem.

KZ PR2 is equipped with a newly developed 13.2mm real planar unit which brings faster response speed and better high-frequency performance. It replaces the voice coil structure with ultra-low resistance nano-silver electroplating lines.

Sound is very subjective and everyone's preferences are different, we totally understand that.We are also very grateful for your valuable feedback, and we will convey this feedback to the manufacturer.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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