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10mm Bass Dynamic Driver+7.8mm Mid&High Dynamic Drivers

Double the number, double the power. With two dynamic drivers, the sound of Khan precedes any ordinary dynamic IEM. It’s big 10mm driver contributes to the warm and immersive low-to-middle frequency while the medium 7.8mm diaphragm adds airy treble to the plate. No matter what your music taste is, instrumental or vocal, Khan is well-qualified to deliver. Furthermore, with audio purity intensified by LCP liquid crystal complexes diaphragm, Khan is the uncarved jade completely faithful to its input.

Great with Mobile, Superb with Amplifier

With mobile never out of our site, the IEM you are looking for should work well with your phone. Luckily, Khan has a low impedance of only 10Ω, so even mobile devices like phones or MP3 can power it well. And the sensitivity of Khan can reach as high as 117+3dB, letting you savor every detail in your favorite song. Of course, if an amplifier or more professional devices are introduced, Khan’s performance will reach the next level.

4th Gen DLP-3D Exquisite Production

The materials and technology used for Khan are unthinkable compared to its peers. To give you the purest natural music, 4th generation industry-level DLP-3D printing is adapted to make the acoustic conduits in greater precision. Together with the specially designed metal grid and dual vents for pressure release, Khan will nicely filter out unwanted noises to purify the audio for you.

Ergonomic Design in Glorious Shell

The other criterion of being mobile is easy and comfortable to wear, which Khan passes easily with its 6.8g weight and ergonomic shape. Moreover, it is eye-attracting in high-tech style with a case carved like dragon scales and covered by resin. You will not only get warm and immersive high-quality music with Khan but a nice ear decoration as well.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x QKZ x HBB Khan
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The QKZ x HBB Khan Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

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Customer Reviews

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Juan Lara Carmona

excellent headphones very good sound, fast shipping and good packaging I arrive perfect, thanks linsoul

Worse than the ones they are trying to copy

This is a shameless copy of Truthear Zero, down to the same specs. The problem is that they don't sound nearly as good as the original. Truthear Zeros have already strong bass (Crinacle called them "subwoofers") and amazing clarity for the price. These rip-offs offer nothing new other than a ridiculous HBB medal in the box. On my copy the bass is not stronger than on Truthear Zeros, and the QKZ are also harder to drive.
Spend $10 more and get the originals.
Edit: I did contact Linsoul and sent them a video test before leaving the review. I was brushed off with "The manufacturer replied that different ear shells, volumes, units, and wires will affect many results during the test", followed by an offer to mail the headphones at my own cost to China for a refund. Of course, the postage would basically be the same as the refund. It was very disingenuous to offer that as a way of "solving the problem".

Hello there,

We are sorry that our product aid not satisfy you.

We also believe that sound is very subjective, we will also pass on your valuable feedback to the manufacturer. We believe that we will do better and better in the future.

If you encounter any problems in the future, we sincerely suggest that you contact us via email (support@Linsoul.com)at the first time,because we can solve your problems in a more comprehensive way.

Thank you for your support and understanding

Most bang for your buck

This iem can easily be equal to if not better than Shure SE215. Mids and highs are excellent and if u r into Billie Elish music .. the lows are excellent. Cannot go wrong with this iem.

Cliff Stacey
A Wet Fish in the Face

Now I am a truck driver with little or no budget for IEM’s. In my world IEM’s are very much a consumable product with a limited life expectancy.

I mention this as the most expensive IEM I currently own would be the Xenns Mangird Tea 2, and covet the Thieaudio Oracle.

I have purchased a number of budget offerings over the years, and I had the HBB Mele which I enjoyed very much, sadly on one particular work site these expired, getting caught up in an argument between gravity and some bulldozer tracks.

I liked the concept of the Khan, with its dedicated low end driver and its tame manners in the higher frequency. I really was looking forward to there arrival from Linsoul.

The IEM’s themselves are light, manufactured from a plastic resin, the body of mine is dark almost black, and slightly translucent (not sure thats the right word… I and sure if you held a torch up to it you could see some of the internal anatomy).

For me IEM’s are about being on the move, doing other things, getting the stuff of everyday life done.

I might be mowing the lawns, painting trellis, working in the garden, vacuuming, washing the dishes or at the gym.
All those things you spend your day doing because you are busy.

So if I’m at home I am normally using the Xenns Mangird Tea’s, if Im at work I’m using something much more affordable (because of gravity and bulldozer tracks etc)

Enter the QKZ + HBB Khan….

I upgraded the cable to the QKZ Q1 Max cable, this comes with a choice of interchangeable input plugs, the 2.5mm balance, the 3.5mm stereo and the 4.4mm pentacon…
I have a seperate review on this cable, if you have not yet fallen asleep.

The other modification I apply to all my IEM’s are the Symbio Hybrid Tips which you can easily find on Amazon. These tips give me the reliable seal of a foam tip with the durability of a silicone shell, the perfect partnership.

I watched and have read a number of reviews on online prior to purchase, but as I say I’m a HBB fan-boy and enjoy the process of him talking me into my next purchase.

It is difficult to find a review on line that praises the virtue of the HBB Khan. Reviewers are comparing it to all assorts of IEM’s some worth hundreds of dollars and in one case thousand of dollars… critiquing the high-end being rolled off or the mid range been a little thin….geez are we listening to the same IEM?

I can honestly say the sound of the Khan is truely shocking… there it is you have wasted the last 10 minutes of your life, but for me the Khan is truely a wet fishing the face….

Its like the 1st time you hear your favorite song on a good car audio system, with unbelievable bass rich mid range tones and clear airy highs that are bout to become sibilant… but never do… all the time the thump and rumble of that bass…

Thats the signature of these IEM’s they remind me of good quality car audio…

I found myself listening to music like Angel by Massive Attack… why? Because its fun…. with the Khan. I was listening to a random play list on Tidal and Flowers by Miley Cyrus came on…. I nearly dropped my paint brush…. good grief…. the bass that hits about 30 seconds in was so unexpected…. These two pieces of music are not my normal go to sounds, but the Khan’s delivery is massive… everything is there, the bass, clear vocals and the high end all there and crystal…

I find myself listening to all my music as if truely hearing it for the 1st time, with all sorts of surprises throughout the recordings… if this sound is as bad as some reviewers have made it out to be… then ignorance truely is bliss.

The live recording of Simone Kopmajer at Heidi’s Jazz Club is a stripped back performance with a drum kit and brushes, a saxophone, double bass, a piano and Simone’s voice… there is no where for an IEM to hide any flaws here. The string plucks on the bass are strong and in your face, yet the piano is clear and present in the music… Then Simone, she starts to sing… it seems very intimate and personal… As I say The easiest way to explain the experience is like good car audio… with a sub in the boot (or trunk) and great speakers in the doors with the whole thing tuned in and setup for your listening position.

This is starting to turn into a book, so lets end this review by saying the bass on the Khan is not going to rattle out your fillings its not going to blow your head off, what it will do is allow the bass to get the attention it deserves and it will do this without sacrificing the vocals or the high end.

I have never listened to $1500 or $2000 IEM’s and I accept that I don’t know what I don’t know.
Or if you prefer my experience defines my reality. And so with these caveats in place, I can tell you that the HBB Khan will surprise you, it will make your music fun.

While the QKZ + HBB Khan may not technically be perfect in every way, at $40.00usd the Khan will make a lot of much more highly regarded IEM’s, well, just seem plain boring.

Thanks ...

A disappointment

well I consider this one as an unnecessary purchase. Nothing to add.

Hi there,

We are sorry that our product did not satisfy you.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

If there is any problem with the product, please contact us at support@Linsoul. com so we can solve the problem more comprehensively.

Have a nice day!

Ramy Chami
Great Tuning DD

Great tuning of 2 DD IEM. it can easily sell for double its price.
Love ❤️ it.

Jeremiah Bolivar
My favorite set in my 10 IEM collection

The balance between Bass and Vocals is very very good for the price. I'm gonna buy a second one as back up. However, don't expect to be wowed right out of the box. Give them some time to burn in before making any judgement, at least 12 hours

Really good price-quality

Great sounds for the price (with emphasis in low frequencies)

German Ramirez

QKZ x HBB Khan

Carlos Mendoza
Excelent price-quality

With Excelent bass, you get more than you pay for sure

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