SeeAudio Bravery

4BA In-Ear Monitors

    Specially designed four balanced armature driver configuration
    Premium range of Knowles and Sonion BA drivers
    Clean, accurate, and smooth sound reproduction
    Specially customized 6N OCC Hakugei cable
    Premium Azla Xelastec Sednafit ear tips
    Electronic frequency crossover for smooth distortion-free performance
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Sale price $251.10 USD Regular price $279.00 USD

High-Performance Balanced Armature Drivers

See Audio has designed acoustic architecture for Bravery with four high-performance BA drivers per side. The pair utilizes premium balanced armature from both Knowles and Sonion, two of the largest driver brands in the world. Bravery features two Knowles BA drivers for the lower end, one Sonion BA driver for mid-range, and one Knowles BA driver for the high-frequency response.

Clean, Accurate Tuning

Professional acoustic engineers at See Audio have adjusted the tuning on the Bravery to deliver a rich, well-detailed presentation for its users. The pair has a well-extended high-frequency response that maintains a high clarity and transparency without being fatiguing or harsh even at loud listening levels. Users are greeted with nothing but a high-resolution sound with powerful bass, lovely vocals, detailed instruments, and a smooth overall tonality that complements different genres of music well.

Premium HAKUGEI Cable

See Audio has partnered with Hakugei a premium IEM upgrade cable brand based in China. They have designed a customized 6N OCC cable that perfectly matches the synergy of Bravery delivering an impeccable acoustic experience for the users. The cable here has cloth sleeved with 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug for easy connectivity.

Azla Sednafit Ear tips

See Audio has made sure to include Bravery with a premium set of accessories. First the Hakugei cable and then with Azla Sednafit for premium ear tips. The pair comes bundled with three pairs of Azla Sednafit XELASTEC ear tips(S, M, L).

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SeeAudio Bravery
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SeeAudio Bravery Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configuration
Quad BA
Driver Arrangement
2 BA Low+ 1 BA Mid+ 1 BA Highs
Frequency response range
2-pin 0.78mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yasin Caliskan
Warm contender with fun..

First af all.. its not reference sound, its fun based IEM.. Slightly "V Shaped" and gentle top end.. and one more plus for build quality and design.
Only problem is 1k-2k boost.. this boost to cause unnatural upper mid performance. BTWA i prefer more reference sound. This is not my sound signature at all.. :)

Dynamic and full of life

I love these IEMs for a lot of reasons : very well built and esthetically attractive (cable included), very dynamic sound mostly thanks to the impactful lows and a fair musical scene for this price range.

They are not analyticals and not the best at providing details especially with voices so you won't mix with them but here is not the aim : what they give you is fun, musicality and life especially with music that need punch... and on others as well.

Very interesting product at this price range. I've got some more expensive AK Billie Jean and I honestly think that they're not worse. They're just different.

And give them around 20h for the running-in and you won't be disappointed.

Amazing, but...

Ok, I love these things. I love most things about this. I have only a few complaints, and that's why I'm looking for IEMs that do the complaint better. Well, lets get on with the review.

Unboxing: LOVE IT. There's everything I could want in the box; a premium cable, a strong case, waifu stickers, waifu cards, hell even the box has a waifu on it! It comes with the IEMs, accessories, a case, a real nice Hakugei cable, 3 pairs of foam tips, and 3 sets of Azla SednaEarfit Xelastec tips. Haven't tried the foam tips yet, but the Xelastec tips are amazing. They almost disappear in your ears! They also have real good isolation.

Fit and comfort: I have relatively small ears, and these fit amazing! Definitely can fit any size, and are comfy too! As said before, almost disappear in your ears. If you're a bit tired, you won't know they're there!

Cable: One of the nicest I've ever used. Doesn't tangle, has a chin slider, looks beautiful, and you really can't expect less, since this is Hakugei, and you're paying a fair bit for these. It's a bit microphonic, but you can't hear the microphonics when you're playing music, so it really doesn't bother me.

Sound: Now here's the interesting part. Tonality-wise these are amazing. Although I have mad respect for crinacle, I have to disagree with him about the tonality. To me, it deserves an A rank.

Sound signature: Neutral with bass boost. I'd prefer if the treble was a bit more exciting, but it's still good.

Bass: The bass isn't the most authoritative, it's a full BA IEM, but I love it so much! The attack is really good, it could be a bit better, and the decay is perfect. The quantity of bass is amazing. It doesnt overpower the mids, but it isnt laid back by any means. It feels like a DD bass but a bit less authority. Overall, amazing.

Mids: Star of the show. It's the bell of the ball with these IEMs, an absolute joy to listen to. Never overshadowed by the bass or treble, and it has a perfect transition from bass to mids. Vocals are amazing on these, albeit a bit veiled. Not by much tho, and are incredibly natural. And they make up for that with their excellent bass.

Treble: Meh. This is where it falls short tonality wise. It needs a tad bit more. It's fairly laid back, and not too exciting. Not fatiguing at all, but not exciting. Needs some more sparkle.

Soundstage and timbre: The soundstage isn't the best. Isn't in your head, but isn't wide, due to it being an IEM. BA timbre doesn't exist on these, it's very natural. Like a DD IEM.

Technicalities: This is why I gave it 4 stars. If we're paying ~$250 for these, than they should have decent technicalities right? This is where I completely agree with crinacle. There a bit less detailed than the Moondrop Starfield, which is $110. I can ever say it's a tad bit mushy compared to the starfields. I was a bit hyped for the details on the braverys, as they cost a fair bit, and are full BAs. They don't drag you into the music like the starfields. You can't close your eyes and point to where vocals are coming from, or where the piano is playing. This can be good for some people, as you can focus on whatever your working on, but to me this is a big con, as I like to sit back and just listen to music without a care in the world. If they were at least as technical as the starfields, these would be a big win. Once I get something better than these (Blessing2:dusk?), I will use these as work IEMs due to this trait.

Summary: Overall a great IEM, but falls short in technicalities. I would recommend these to people, but only if they're willing to sacrifice detail. It's a great IEM, but it doesn't have the best value. I will be keeping these, as they sound great, but I'd only get these if you know what you want. If crin's ratings on these were out before I bought these, than I probably wouldnt have bought them, but im overall happy with them.

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