Shanling UA1 Plus

Dual CS43131 Portable DAC & Headphone AMP

    Dual CS43131 DAC Chipset
    In-House Developed Ultra-Conversion Black Technology
    Premium Sound with High-Resolution Decoding
    Enhanced Functionality and Intuitive Design
    Perfect Compatibility with Nintendo Switch
    32-Bit/768kHz PCM & Native DSD512 Audio Signals.
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High-performance Compact DAC/AMP

Shanling UA1 Plus is a compact DAC/AMP that delivers premium sound quality. Its high-performance Dual CS43131 DAC chipset, USB processor, and advanced technology ensure an exceptional listening experience.

In-House Developed Ultra-Conversion Black Technology

One standout feature of the UA1 Plus is its in-house developed ultra-conversion black technology. This innovative technology optimizes power consumption while maintaining high-resolution audio performance. Adjusting power draw based on various factors like bitrate, volume level, and impedance load, significantly reduces power drain from the connected source device.

Premium Sound with High-Resolution Decoding

Despite its compact size, the UA1 Plus excels in supporting pure high-resolution audio signal decoding. Equipped with the CT7601 USB receiver chip, this DAC/AMP is capable of handling 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals, ensuring exceptional audio fidelity. Shanling's expertise in designing premium audio gear is evident as the UA1 Plus delivers clear sound reproduction with an almost negligible noise floor. This feature makes it an ideal companion for high-sensitivity IEMs, allowing you to experience pristine audio quality at its finest.

Enhanced Functionality and Intuitive Design

The UA1 Plus seamlessly integrates with the Shanling Eddict player app, providing complete control and enhancing your listening experience. The device also features an RGB bitrate indicator near the headphone port, illuminating in different colors to reflect the active file's bitrate.

Perfect Compatibility with Nintendo Switch

Furthermore, the UA1 Plus is perfect for Nintendo Switch users, thanks to its support for UAC2.0/UAC1.0 easy switching. By switching to UAC1.0 mode, you can effortlessly connect the device to your Nintendo Switch using the convenient one-key mode button.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Shanling UA1 Plus
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

Output power
Dynamic Range
125dB @32Ω(A-Weight)
Frequency Response
Channel Separation
Output Impedance

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Customer Reviews

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Solid little device

After several hours of listening to music, I have to say that I have no objections to this DAC.
First - it is a really small device, and by the fact that the housing is aluminum it seems solid and indestructible.
Second - the cable and plugs are of remarkably good quality, both jack 3.5 and usb-c hold solidly and do not disconnect while listening.
I rather not use the multifunction button, so I have no opinion about it.
And the sound quality - I have no complaints. Set: UA1 Plus + CCA CRA/7hz Zero + Tripowin cable + Poweramp Equalizer with autoeq settings plays really cool and fun.
And compared to the UA1 Pro, the UA1 Plus does not heat up at all while listening.
I recommend.

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