Triple Hybrid Dynamic Driver 10mm In-ear Earphones

    Medical-Grade High-Transparency PC Material with Aluminum Alloy Cavity
    Flagship Dynamic Driver Unit
    Ultra-Smooth Surface Design and Low THD
    High-Performance Audio Decoder for DSP Tuning
    Ergonomic Wearing Design
    Impeccable cable and microphone quality
    Built-in High-Performance DSP Audio Decoding Chip
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Medical-Grade High-Transparency PC Material with Aluminum Alloy Cavity

TANCHJIM ONE is crafted with Medical-Grade High-Transparency PC Material and an Aluminum Alloy Cavity. The high-transparency shell combined with the aluminum alloy rear cavity enhances the overall aesthetics of the product, giving it a minimalist, fresh, and compact appearance. The rounded design at the edges further improves the tactile experience and adds a touch of softness to the product. Tailored for precise low-frequency control, allowing the bass to dive deeper, be more elastic, and not just a mere vibration of the entire sound field. Instead, it delivers a clear outline and pulsating sensation of the bass.

Flagship Dynamic Driver Unit

Featuring a combination of metal ball-tops and PU & PEEK composite material for the diaphragm, the earphones achieve a wider dynamic range and significantly reduce distortion, resulting in more solid imaging and positioning. Every piece of music is presented like a captivating story, creating an immersive audio experience.

Ultra-Smooth Surface Design

The extremely smooth surface design minimizes high-frequency acoustic damping on the inner walls of the sound cavity, effectively controlling sound scattering, improving sound transmission efficiency, and enhancing acoustic performance. This results in a more supple and linear rendition of the extreme high frequencies, with exceptional extension, clarity, and smoothness.

High-Performance Audio Decoder for DSP Tuning

TANCHJIM has optimized the professional tuning with consideration for market preferences. The ONE-DSP version utilizes a high-performance audio decoder for DSP tuning, featuring a smooth perception of the extreme high frequencies, well-controlled midrange, and enhanced low-frequency extension, all in line with TANCHJIM's target frequency response curve. Both the version with and without a microphone are designed to closely match the HARMAN 2019 target frequency response curve, comparable to flagship-level objective standards. The balanced three-frequency response is tuned to satisfy the majority of listeners' preferences, ensuring both monitoring accuracy and an enjoyable, long-lasting listening experience.

Ergonomic Wearing Design

Angled Straight-In Wearing Style, Coupled with Angled Sound Outlet, Ergonomic Design, and Precision Ear Canal Fit for Easy Plug-and-Play Convenience; while the Over-the-Ear Wearing Style is more suitable for audiophiles' wearing habits, with an ergonomic design that precisely matches the contour of the ear. The comfortable listening experience is beyond words.

Impeccable cable and microphone quality

With a 0.78mm detachable cable design, the cable is flexible, effectively preventing tangling and resisting pulling forces. The cable sheath is made of inert material, ensuring a smooth texture that doesn't knot easily. Just a shake, and it unravels effortlessly, while also improving the current transmission rate. The high-definition call microphone supports in-line control, fully meeting your daily needs.

Built-in High-Performance DSP Audio Decoding Chip

The chip inside the TYPE-C connector of the earphone features two channels of 24-bit high-performance DAC supporting 44.1kHz, 48kHz, and 96kHz sampling rate output. It includes a high-performance miniature earphone amplifier and a low-noise microphone circuit. The microphone recording even adopts a 24-bit 96kHz high-spec input. In addition, the rational application of DSP technology contributes to the exceptional audio quality experience of ONE-DSP. (Currently, ONE-DSP is being integrated with the TANCHJIM APP for tuning. Once the integration is complete, it will be available for tuning via the APP, just like ZERO-DSP.)

Inside the Box

  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TANCHJIM ONE Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Frequency Range
Total Harmonic Distortion
Gold-plated non-magnetic plug
Peek&Pu Suspension Ti Dome
Cable Size
1.25m 3.5MM 0.78PIN
Cable Material
Litz Oxygen Free Copper Silver Plated + Litz Oxygen Free Copper Composite Coaxial Structure

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Sophanna Ven
great intro to iem world

Tanchjim one iem with replacable 2-pin cable good job

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