24AWG Litz Type Palladium Coated Silver Cable

    Excellent Hardware Accessories
    Wide Compatibility
    High-Quality upgrade Cable
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24AWG Litz Type Palladium Coated Silver Cable

To achieve the stability and conductivity of the sound signal, Oceania adopts a complex Litz structure. THIEAUDIO Oceania is a 24AWG Litz Type upgrade cable made from 530 wires of 0.01mm and 119 wires of 0.06mm diameter palladium-plated silver wires. Ensuring the purity of the sound and excellent high-frequency performance.

Excellent Hardware Accessories

THIEAUDIO Oceania uses high-quality hardware accessories, the plugs, and splitters are very exquisite and sophisticated, highlighting the high-end elegance of the THIEAUDIO Oceania.

Wide Compatibility

THIEAUDIO Oceania is specially equipped with a compact replaceable plug design that meets the needs of different interfaces such as 2.5mm (balanced), 3.5mm (single-ended), and 4.4mm (balanced). Optional 0.78mm 2pin, QDC and mmcx conductors, you can choose whatever you want.

High-Quality upgrade Cable

Not only effectively avoids the sound distortion caused by the skin effect and the proximity effect, but also the cable has a better antioxidant effect. THIEAUDIO Oceania is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high temperature resistant, and more flexible. It can ensure the durability of the wire, while at the same take into consideration of wearing feeling.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x THIEAUDIO Oceania
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The THIEAUDIO Oceania Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Cable Material
Litz Type Palladium Coated Silver Cable
Interchangeable 3.5mm TRS Sterero, 2.5mmTRRS /4.4mm TRRRS Balanced plug
Connector Options
MMCX/ 2PIN 0.78mm/QDC
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Charl Fourie
Great Silver cable

I am a sucker for a good Silver cable, but add a Palladium coating and my money is yours. In this case I was not disappointed. The cable looks like a million dollars and works like a charm - look and feel of high quality. The packaging might not be great but I'd like to believe the money was spent where it matters, on the materials used to make it. I hear/(imagine) fantastic transparency when substituting other Cu cables with this, provided the source and IEMs are worthy. I honestly also noted I had to lower volume setting down 2 or 3 clicks with reference songs and settings, but this cannot be scientifically possible?? Money well spent, making sure the cable is not a weak link.

Best Upgrade for my campfireaudio Aria

Best Upgrade for my campfireaudio Aria, Ba timber gone mids opened bass became tactile fantastic cable

Josh Fisher
The cable so nice I ordered it twice

I had purchased the Monarch MKII's and I wasn't a fan of the stock cable. It was uncomfortable and for some reason, with the stock cable, the output to my MKII'S from my iBasso DX320 didn't seem very loud, especially when compared to my Moondrop KATO's granted the Monarch is the hardest to drive.

As soon as I plugged in this cable, the volume got louder. I can't explain it, it's not placebo as it's very noticable. With the stock cable I had to put it on high gain and crank it almost all the way up, especially when using the NuTube AMP 13 card due to the dual amplification due to the tube amp not being that loud.

With this cable, medium gain on my iBasso, sometimes close to all the way up or on high or sometimes high gain but I can't turn it up all the way like I used to.

The sound is absolutely fantastic, not to bright like some silver cables can be. More neutral, very detailed regardless if I'm listening to music in or watching a movie using my DX320 or BRT5 2021.

I ended up liking the cable so much I ordered another one with MMCX for my Meze ADVAR's and 7hz Timeless. I could also heat a slight change in volume levels, but not as much as with the Monarchs. I had also tried other 2 pin cables before ordering this one and the only one that made it slightly louder then the rest was a mixture of gold, OGC, and silver.

I have no idea why the volume levels changed but I'm glad they did. Typically a cable usually only changes the sound signature slightly. Maybe it's the silver as it's the best metal conducter there is. My only regret is these were on sale when I ordered the 2 pin but had gone back up to regular price once I decided to pull the trigger on the MMCX version. Modular design is also very easy to line up and zero ways you could ever plug it in wrong. No memory so cable never gets stuck/bent, always just straightens out.

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