Dual Dynamic Drivers In Ear Earphone

  • Dual Dynamic Drivers
  • Hi-Res Audio Diaphragms
  • Optimized Acoustic Chamber
  • Three Stylish Colors
  • Sound Redefined with MT4 Pro Upgrades
  • The Fusion of Metal & Resin
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Dual Dynamic Drivers

Engineered for unparalleled audio precision, the MT4Pro features a dual dynamic driver configuration. The 10mm DLC (diamond-like carbon) diaphragm dual-chamber driver offers exceptional hardness and rigidity, resulting in top-tier audio transmission. This driver, in conjunction with the dual-chamber design, ensures an expansive sound field and a wealth of rich audio details. Additionally, the 6mm titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver, renowned for its rigidity, lightweight properties, and high-fidelity audio reproduction, further enhances the audio experience.

Hi-Res Audio Diaphragms

Immerse yourself in your favorite music with the highly responsive 10mm DLC and 6mm titanium-plated diaphragms. These cutting-edge diaphragms guarantee an extensive frequency range, unparalleled resolution, deep bass, and precise audio intricacies.

Optimized Acoustic Chamber

Our meticulous sound chamber optimization guarantees an extraordinary auditory journey. With flawless frequency and phase responses, you can enjoy deeper bass and crisper trebles. Savor an expansive, three-dimensional soundstage that feels incredibly lifelike.

Three Stylish Colors

Available in three stylish colors - radiant flowing silver, captivating dream blue, and majestic midnight black, the TRN MT4 PRO is a visual delight. Whether you're drawn to the cosmic elegance of silver, the enchanting allure of blue, or the profound sophistication of black, there's a color that perfectly complements your individual style.

Sound Redefined with MT4 Pro Upgrades

Building upon the foundation of the MT4 legacy, the MT4Pro has undergone rigorous tuning and meticulous optimization. After exhaustive listening tests, it now guarantees an expansive soundstage, exacting audio positioning, and an enriched sound spectrum.

The Fusion of Metal & Resin

The earbud faceplate, expertly constructed from high-density liquid metal and premium imported resin, serves a purpose beyond aesthetics. It enhances noise isolation, promotes cleaner sound transmission, and offers a comfortable fit, elevating every listening session into a luxurious experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1x TRN MT4 PRO
  • 1x Standard Four-Strand Silver-Plated Cable
  • 7x eartips:3 T-tips*(SML)+ 3 bass tips* (SML)+ 1 Memory foam eartip* (M)

1 Year Warranty

The TRN MT4 PRO Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product model
Jack type
Wear Ear
Earphone topography
Dynamic Drivers Monitors
Frequency response
Connector type
Cable length
Weight (earpiece+cable)
Flowing silver/Dream blue/ Night black

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Customer Reviews

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Rob Ash
Solid performer

- Nice selection of ear tips, including a pair of spin fit style ones.
- Good passive isolation when worn.
- Comfortable position in ear.

The Dual Driver setup is tuned very well, I'm not an audiophile or hobbyist but the reproduction of sound is balanced, perfect to use with an equaliser.

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