7HZ x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko 14.6mm Planar Driver IEM New Release on Linsoul Audio

7HZ x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko 14.6mm Planar Driver IEM New Release on Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Jun 28, 2022

7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko

Today we would like to introduce you to a new 14.6mm planar drive IEM, a collaboration between 7HZ and renowned reviewer Crinacle - Salnotes Dioko.

The Salnotes Dioko features a 14.6mm dual-chamber flat diaphragm speaker, which has been repeatedly tested in the final acoustic modelling to select the most suitable magnetic circuit structure and wiring distribution to ensure the maximum advantage of the diaphragm. The new diaphragm is made from high end Japanese imported substrates and undergoes a precision magnetron sputtering coating and laser etching process to achieve the smallest tolerances that can be controlled at this level of technology.The magnet is a double-sided N55 magnet, which is the highest performance magnet available, and the excellent magnetic circuit structure, which maximises the effective magnetising force and achieves the high sensitivity of the flat speaker, ensuring a high fidelity of sound while presenting a loose, natural and transparent listening experience.

A great driver without proper tuning will never achieve an enjoyable sound. This is why 7Hz has partnered with the renown audio reviewer, Crinacle. Crinacle is a revolutionary figure in the world of Hi-Fi audio, and is the most experienced individual when it comes to tuning measurements in in-ear monitors. With collaboration with Crinacle, an integrative tuning strategy has been utilized to deliver tonal balance across the whole frequency range. Through structural tuning mechanics, the bass of the Dioko is impactful, yet maintains a neutral midrange for a monitor-like accuracy. The treble of the Salnotes Dioko is natural, but fully shines the planar driver characteristics of pristine detail presentation and airyness. The tuning of the Salnotes Dioko is inspired by Crinacles own definition for a natural and balanced earphone, and is perfect for both professional and studio use. 



7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko Graph

In terms of appearance, the Salnotes Dioko's shell is CNC polished from aircraft aluminium, providing a very light wearing feel. The surface of the cavity is finished with a high strength hard oxidised finish, making the metal extremely hard wearing. The faceplate is made of high end watch glass with a tempered finish. The surface is coated with sapphire and finished with a fingerprint resistant finish. The finished product is both highly resistant to wear and tear and has a decorative aesthetic.

In addition, the Salnotes Dioko comes with a mix of 4 core litz type occ and single crystal copper silver plated cable, with a total of 216 conductors to ensure a high quality, perfect presentation of the sound.

You can order your 7HZ x Crinacle: Salnotes DIOKO here.

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