VGP Summer 2022 Awards

VGP Summer 2022 Awards

by Kareena Tang on Jun 28, 2022

VGP Summer 2022 Awards


VGP, the largest and most comprehensive award for audiovisual equipment in Japan, announced the award results for VGP Summer 2022.The winning products were subjected to a rigorous professional review by professional critics and retailers.

THIEAUDIO and Linsoul are very honored to have won four VGP awards!


THIEAUDIO Monarch MKII - In-Ear Earphones (JPY 150000-200000 yen)


THIEAUDIO V16 Divinity - In-Ear Earphones (JPY 200000-300000 yen)

THIEAUDIO Legacy 4 - In-Ear Earphones (JPY 20000-30000 yen)

THIEAUDIO Legacy 2 - In-Ear Earphones (JPY 10000-20000  yen)

Let's find out what makes THIEAUDIO products competitive!

Origin of the Brand Name (THIEAUDIO):

THIEAUDIO was originally formed by a group of music lovers, and we borrowed the meaning of "home/hometown" from the word "Thie”. As the saying goes, "home is where the heart is". Our intention was to express what we set out to do dearly with the brand at the very beginning: to return to the pursuit of perfection in sound itself.

In recent years the standards of the audio industry have shifted rapidly and the pace of technological change has increased, and while we often struggle to develop innovative products with a wide range of technologies and parameters, we hope that sound remains our ultimate goal in this journey.

THIEAUDIO V16 Divinity

The V16 Divinity's sound concept is focused on unprecedented precision and high quality, complete sound presentation. In response to the demands of professional users of studio in-ear monitors, our creative focus was on how to deliver unprecedented levels of resolution, information richness and sonic integrity. To achieve this, we selected a combination of 16 high-quality balanced armature drivers from the Knowles and Sonion brands to deliver a dense, informative and smooth sound. The V16 Divinity does not try to please your ears with a particular tone or flavour, but rather, its beauty lies in its stable and powerful resolving qualities and the excellent transient and detail performance, which is often the hallmark of great studio monitors sought by highly experienced professionals.


The Monarch MKII features a luxurious configuration of 1DD + 6BA + 2EST. The focus of our development was first on reproducing and enhancing the soundstage performance of the original Monarch with its acclaimed resolving qualities. At the same time, we tried to give the Monarch MKII a gentler, more durable and refined sound by repeatedly polishing the sound, adjusting the drivers, optimising the cavity and so on. The result is that THIEAUDIO has made it possible to achieve perfect resolution and a timeless sound in the same product.

The Legacy 2 has been engineered to produce a powerful sub-bass impact that transitions crisply to the mid-frequencies, which in turn are presented naturally, with minimal coloring. The treble has been tuned to perfectly balance the ED29689’s high calibre treble resolution and the human ears’ preference for high-frequency decay. Through careful selection of the drivers and intricate tuning strategies, we have created the ultimate 2 driver in-ear monitor, that beyond its mere name, is truly a performance-grade monitor for both stage and audiophile use.

Utilizing a completely new in-house 8mm poly-membrane dynamic driver for the low end with a faster speed and enhanced texture. This new driver, matched with the tried and tested American Knowles ED29689 balanced armature (BA) and intuitive low-mid passive crossover design emphasizes a natural mid-frequency presentation. With a less aggressive crossover design, the mids of the Legacy 4 presents a more musical experience that ever so slightly adds a dash of warmth to the overall signature. With the partnership of Bellsing, we have developed a custom dual BA tweeter for the Legacy 4 that perfectly fits the mid BA driver.

Consumer Feedback and Discord Discussion

Over the years, THIEAUDIO has garnered a group of fans from all parts of the world and different platforms, including audio forums and etc. Many audio enthusiasts have been active on our Discord server, engaging in meaningful conversations about THIEAUDIO products regularly on our exclusive channel, #thieaudio-discussion. 

With or without the awards, THIEAUDIO and Linsoul will continue to work hard to achieve our goal - to design and innovate new products that can capture the hearts of many; to make you feel at home with magical, memorable melodies. 

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