New Decade... New Changes

by Jessie Lee on January 02, 2020

Dear Linsoul supporters, Happy New Year!

Thank you for being with us in 2019. Linsoul has developed so much with your support. As a growing business of a small team, we inevitably made some mistakes along the way that may have caused inconveniences to some of you. However, we are now here to announce some new changes for the coming new year, and we hope that these updates will make for an even more enjoyable Linsoul experience. This is Linsoul - the trusted community for unparalleled musical enjoyment for the people.

Express Shipment Changes

There are exciting changes coming for Express shipping. We are now working directly with DHL and all shipments can now be tracked in real time. We want to provide you with an even faster delivery experience and to this cause, we have paid extra expenses to make sure your delivery gets to you as soon as possible. We hope this will make your shopping headache-free.


  • If your order is over $199, we will automatically ship it via DHL. If you desire otherwise, standard shipping can be applied upon request.
  • If your order is under $199, you upgrade to the DHL shipment for $10 or $12 (depending on your region).

The delivery time for DHL: From Shenzhen, China to USA, Australia, Singapore, Japan, it normally takes 3 business days (not including port processing times).

We will still make sure to help so you won’t have to deal with custom fees.

From Shenzhen, China to the rest of the world, it normally needs 3-5 business days.

Custom fee is a possibility and all we can do is to help you declare it at a lower value.

Standard shipping will remain the same as it has before and will go through 4PX. We used all your feedback to talk with them and ensure that the shipping service will be smoother for future deliveries. Because of this, we have determined that 4PX is is the most reliable shipping partner in our region.


Return Policy

If you want to return any product that you don’t like, we can provide you with a DHL return label. However, you will be charged $35 for the return shipping fee.

If your product is defective and you require repairs or replacement, we can provide you with the DHL return label with a $35 deposit fee. Once we receive the item, our team will inspect the product and if the product is deemed manufacture defective, the deposit fee will be returned to you.

We will normally ship the new or repaired item back to you using DHL.

Loyal Community

Linsoul customers who have purchased products of $500 or more value, you are eligible to join the Linsoul Loyal Community!

We will be sending out one of each new and upcoming products for you to test and review! Per product, one sample will be sent and the first 5 testers will receive a free DHL shipping label to send the sample to the next tester.

Testers after the first 5 will need to pay $15 and we will send the DHL shipping label to you. At the end of your testing, you will need to write a review of the product. The sample product will be sent back to us by the last tester.

We hope this will allow more customers to experience new products, all while enhancing the community by sharing your thoughts and opinions.

New updates are also coming for our community, including:


  • DIY parts for headphones available for purchase.
  • Valuable information for new upcoming products in this audio community.
  • Tips for how to make the most out of your units.
  • Testing programs as part for the coming test events.
  • Products made by listening to the desires our loyal community.
  • Deals and promotions on the latest and upcoming products.


Thank you once again for your patience and support.

We will try our best to provide you with the best shopping experience in this audio community. Happy New Year!

To celebrate the new year, we will give away 3 LZ A5’s to any of you who are the first to see and comment on this post!

2020. A whole new year of unparalleled high fidelity audio awaits. This is the year of Linsoul!

by Ricky Ip on January 06, 2020

I bought 3 upgrade earphone cables on 25/Dec.
Tracking no. was received on 30/Dec under chasing to Linsoul.
But the no. is invalid to trace.
Today (6/Jan) the tracking no. can finally be traced that just shipped out.
What a big fool from Linsoul.

by Bob Doets on January 06, 2020

Love your products. Really Hi-Fi for a good price. Thanks for the update though.

by Joseph on January 06, 2020

Testing program sounds great.

by Giorgio on January 06, 2020

This is great news guys, congratulations for the success you’re having, you deserve it all. You pay attention to our requests and needs and you are always kind, professional and trustworthy.
I’ll keep purchasing from you for a long, long time!

by Christian Troche on January 06, 2020

Oooo. An LZ A5 would be awesome

by Christian Troche on January 06, 2020

This is awesome. Gotta spend a bit more now hahaha

by Karthik H.S. on January 06, 2020

How do I join the loyalty program?

by AAXM on January 06, 2020

So happy about the improved shipping. 2020 will be epic!

by Albert on January 06, 2020

Direct Shipping w/DHL – 10/10.
Loyal Testing Program – 9/10. Customers that have spent over 500 USD on Linsoul get to review tester products. A week to review and pay $15 to send tester product to the next fellow Loyal Member.

by Patrick on January 06, 2020

the loyalty program seems nice, hope i can join it aswell :D

by Vlad on January 06, 2020

Good news. If I were warned that standard delivery will be more than 45 days (and this is not the limit, it is still on the way, I hope it will arrive in at least 60), then I would pay extra $10-12 with ease.

by KN on January 06, 2020

I really like these updates! Thank you for your effort and time, Linsoul Team! Happy New Year!

by KAiER on January 06, 2020

unfortunate for europeans as we won’t even have the chance to see thia post first :/
anyway thanks for the (future) improvements.

by Krishna on January 02, 2020

Thanks for improving the program, i bought my first IEM in Linsoul without hassle

by Rafael Fuentes on January 02, 2020

Amazing, the shipping is now super fast. I´m glad 2019, you show me the way for HI FI

by Tak-wai Wong on January 02, 2020

Good to see you are continuing to improve the service even it is already perfect!

by Moses C. on January 02, 2020

The DYI part has my full attention! Extremely curious to see how far the consumer can take their earphones 🚀

by Shafiq Sulaini on January 02, 2020

Nice to see on the shipping part! im in for the giveaway!

by Shafiq Sulaini on January 06, 2020

Nice to see on the shipping part! im in for the giveaway!

by Mark on January 02, 2020

2020 is sure to be an exciting year with Linsoul! 🙌🏻

by Zaleha on January 02, 2020

Happy New Year!
May God Bless us all.
And thanks to Linsoul for bringing audiophile community closer to us.

by Rosli on January 02, 2020

Nice. Happy new year

by Michael C Bruce on January 02, 2020

OMG I am really hyped about the shipping. Sweeeet
Thanks Linsoul!

by Wing yue Fok on January 02, 2020

Commenting for the LZ A5!! Happy new year!

by Michael on January 02, 2020

How do we start to apply for testing?

by THOMAS A DREILING on January 02, 2020

Great to see these changes…I think both customers and Linsoul will benefit from the better shipping choice!

by Maxim Dossioukov on January 02, 2020

I cant wait to see what 2020 has to bring for Linsoul, Thank you to the Linsoul team for all their hard work in 2019, and for their commitment to the community, all the extra work you do helps the audio community tremendously. I’m looking forward to join the loyalty program sometime this year and am super happy to see that shipping has been updated to a faster program.

by Yan Loon Cheng on January 02, 2020

Looking forward to the DIY headphone parts! (Ps SF Express is good for HK!)

by ROLANDO LIM on January 02, 2020

Such a welcome sight to see this post on improvements in your delivery system, especially for a prospective audio shopper like me. The delivery/return system done through DHL gives that added confidence in making purchases with Linsoul. Based on previous experience with deliveries carried by DHL, my real delight in early deliveries made by this company in contrast with other couriers who take their sweet time in completing deliveries. Kudos to Linsoul on your efforts to make purchases more secure and much easier. Good luck.