Linsoul Christmas & EOY Giveaway 2021


Ho ho ho, jingle bells are about to ring!

To celebrate Christmas and end the year 2021 on a good note, Linsoul is having yet another Giveaway! Yes, we will definitely be having a year-end sale too! Do stay tuned as more information will be shared soon~

TinHiFi T3 Plus, KZ ZEX Pro, BLON BL07 and 7HZ Timeless are up for grabs! 

To participate in our Giveaway, simply complete the following steps:

The design/colour of the prizes for this Giveaway will be randomly selected. The winners of the earphones will be chosen by the end of January, 2022. Do stay tuned for further announcements on previous Giveaway results and our X'Mas & EOY Sale.

All the very best to all participants.

Thank you all for your support!

Linsoul Audio


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  • Posted on by Kamal Sheta

    KZ ZEX Pro, and 7HZ Timeless are my Love…!

    Love Linsoul For Crazy Price… Thanks For Giving me a better price than others…

  • Posted on by Abdulkadir

    J’espère avoir un bon truc je serais heureux :)

  • Posted on by Abdulkadir

    J’espère avoir un bon truc je serais heureux :)

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