New Product Launch: Fearless Tequila


New Release:
Fearless Audio Tequila 1DD+6BA Hybrid Driver In-ear Monitor With 8mm Dual-magnetic Composite DD


Fearless Audio, a company which specializes in Customized In-ear Monitors (CIEMs), just released its latest 1DD + 6BA hybrid IEM, the Fearless Tequila. It is priced at $399USD and now available for purchase on here.

Having established for only 8 years, Fearless Audio has been gaining popularity among the public over the past few years. Their popular models include the Fearless S6Rui/Pro (6BA IEM), S8Freedom/Pro (8BA IEM) and S8Z (8BA IEM). The newly launched Tequila builds upon the foundation of Fearless Audio's latest success - the S8Z. Tequila maintains the same treble elements as that of S8Z’s iconic technical performance. The utilization of a proprietary 8mm dual-magnetic composite dynamic driver focuses the bass impact to deliver a tighter and deeper low frequency response. 

Like many other Fearless products, the Tequila has an ergonomic shape, which is designed to fit comfortably in average human ears. It also has a unique starry default faceplate design. Not a fan of stars or shiny designs? Fret not, as Fearless Audio is known for producing a variety of aesthetically appealing faceplate designs.

Are you ready to get drunk on music? Get your Fearless Tequila now!


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