Pre-order Sale: TinHiFi P2 Planar Magnetic Driver In-ear Monitor

Pre-order Sale: TinHiFi P2 Planar Magnetic Driver In-ear Monitor

by En Deng on Oct 26, 2020

"Listen and enjoy everyday."

TinHiFi, a company based in Mainland China that is well-known not just among the Chinese but also other countries, is back with yet another planar magnetic driver product, the TinHiFi P2. Pre-order is now available on our website, at a price of $339USD including free DHL Express shipping, and shipments have already begun. The pre-order sale will end on 31 Oct, 2020, and the retail price of P2 will be $369USD. For more information, please click here.

TinHiFi offers a variety of products, and many people have shared that they are indeed listening and enjoying everyday, ever since they purchased TinHiFi's popular models, such as the TinHiFi T2, TinHiFi T2 Plus, TinHiFi P1, to name a few.   

For the P2, TinHiFi took on a new approach, by switching P2's connectors to 2-pin 0.78mm instead of MMCX. It is also apparent that TinHiFi has put in much more effort in their packaging—a two-tier box with a seemingly genuine leather carry case, cable adapters, various ear tips, a decent 6N OCC PVC stock cable and the IEM itself. For more unboxing photographs, please click here.

Interested to know what TinHiFi P2 has to offer? You may get yours now before the pre-order sale ends!



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