THIEAUDIO Legacy 2 - The Next Daily Beater In-ear Monitors?


Happy Monday to everyone!

Our THIEAUDIO Legacy 2 is finally available for purchase here~

We have stocked up sufficiently and will be able to ship out the orders within 3 working days. 

General description:
THIEAUDIO Legacy 2 is a 1BA (Knowles 29689)+1DD (10mm Beryllium-coated) IEM that is created based on similar tuning strategies adopted in THIEAUDIO Signature series models.

In general, the Legacy 2 has an impactful sub-bass, with natural and minimal colouring of mid-frequencies, as well as treble that is easy on the ear. Other than its alluring pattern, its universal design is targeted to fit most ears comfortably. 

What is in the box?
Other than the Legacy 2 earbuds, the packaging includes an OCC 4-core 3.5mm cable, a navy blue PU leather carry case, and two types of silicone ear tips. 

If you are searching for your next daily beater set, do consider the THIEAUDIO Legacy 2

We hope that you would like it as much as we do. 

Linsoul Team


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