Linsoul's Top Recommendations By Discord Members

Linsoul's Top Recommendations By Discord Members

by En Deng on Jun 30, 2021

Linsoul's Discord Server has been around for quite some time. It is a platform for all audio lovers to come together to share anything and everything about audio, be it a query, new product, song recommendation, and so on.

Occasionally, we would also organise campaigns and giveaways on the server. A few weeks ago, as part of our 6.18 Sale Event, we had garnered some top products recommended by our Discord members. 

We are grateful for the contribution and have compiled some of the feedback. It is not an exhaustive list but may it be helpful for individuals who are searching for their first or next audio purchase.

All-Time Favourite Budget IEM:

"My first recommendation here has to be the BLON BL-03. 'V' signature and good clarity. Tip roll to find the best match and change cable if you want to upgrade aesthetics. Fantastic value for money. I have one each in Silver, Brown and Purple. Love them all!" — Discord member, ArchEnemy

"I would have to go with the Blon BL03's as those are one of my go to IEM's when I want to listen to my music and podcasts. I love their sound and the price can't be beat in my opinion." Discord member, crimsoncupcake

New Bang-For-Your-Buck Contenders: 

"KZ ZSX are great budget IEM's for entry level audiophiles. They are best suited for casual listening with 5 BA's and 1 DD which is presenting beautiful mids and lows and decent highs and trebles (may be bright for some). The bass they present is pretty accurate, tight and accompanied by the sub bass with beauty with a pretty wide soundstage and nice separation and imaging. This is a bang for the buck for 50$ range and would kick in for bass heads easily. I highly recommend them. It's a steal deal. Must give it a try." Discord member, Arpit786

"1 Godly Dynamic Driver for bass and 5 balanced armatures per ear for mids and highs the ZSX has become my go to IEM for fun listening. Instead of thin bappy punchy sub bass you get thicc warm bowey wooly sub bass with depth you can sink in without destroying the clarity of your vocals. If you're treble sensitive looking for something to escape the sibilant plosive's in your audio listening I highly recommend you experience the KZ ZSX." — Discord member, ŜặņtâḼôṥȶȻlãȗś

"Two unique recommendations. First the KZ DQ6 with triple DD.  It is a versatile set which you can dial in from bassy fun to a more balanced sound with different tips." — Discord member, paulwasabii

"My go to KZ ZSN PRO X. Classic hybrid 10mm dynamic & #30095 high-frequency BA. With "Acoustic Black Technology" (Black Magic?). Gorgeous in Gold. These KZ ZSN PRO X give a lot of value for the price of a Jackson. Love, love, love. :heart_eyes_cat:" — Discord member, Timproctor57

Sought-after Replacement Cables:

"I would recommend some cables : Linsoul LSC08 (Excellent quality and better price) - i get black version and im very happy since then." — Discord member, renato

"All you need is love, and an LSC08 cable :)" — Discord member, -NoVa-

"I also recommend the Thieaudio EST Cable, it is very thick yet supple at the same time and feels very premium" — Discord member, tz0531

Linsoul's In-house Brand:

"Thieaudio Legacy 3 delivers a compelling introduction to an impressive line of well tuned iems. Looking forward to seeing reviews of the Legacy 2." — Discord member, Audionaut

"Legacy 4 - excellent set especially for the price, a great all-a-rounder although a little forward and bright but just the right amount of it" — Discord member, OGK

"Thieaudio Legacy 5 is a great set. Very smooth, perfect for long mellow listening sessions. Never hurts and has a full rich sound." — Discord member, yaskueen

"The Oracle is amazing. I am in awe of the detail retrieval this thing can achieve. Like Mest level good. Highly recommend this IEM. The fit is so much nicer than the Clair/Monarch as the shell size is closer to Legacy 5 area than the Tribrids. Me and a few other are in love with the audio. Homerun" — Discord member, KevinS2021

"While everyone else seems to praise the Monarchs, I'd recommend the Clairvoyance as a potential alternative for a warm-neutral end game. They have fantastic details while never sounding dry or clinical. Great sub-bass impact; detailed bass; clean mids; and smooth treble." — Discord member, Bearcat

"I recommend the Thieaudio Voyager 14. Simply the best IEM I've heard and probably my end game." — Discord member, scobihughes

"I think there is nothing that can compete Thieaudio Monarch at this price point. So smooth, details and energetic. I like it so much & now , I just order Oracle again. Highly recommend." — Discord member, Aung Thu

The Dark Horse: 

Mangird (now known as XENNS) Tea

"The Mangird Teas do so much for the price.  The separation and energy are almost untouchable at that price. It’s even better now with the new packaging. The leather case looks great!" — Discord member, WarEagle

"Mangird Tea !!  I can't recommend it enough !! ...great sound, amazing tuning, very good fit, comes with a balanced cable, lots of quality tips and a luxurious leather case....a steal for the price" — Discord member, Nineskulls

"If you’re interested in great value between $200-$300, rock solid bass with good texture, midrange that doesn’t disappoint, love you’re treble to “sparkle” without cutting your ears, and listen to a wide variety of music, you cannot go wrong selecting the Mangird Tea! I highly recommend as they do NOT disappoint! :thumbsup: #🤝-linsoul-deal" — Discord member, LFazio
Once again, we would like to sincerely thank all members, including names that were not mentioned, for their active participation. We are glad to have like-minded and helpful individuals be part of our community. For those who are interested in joining us, welcome on board! 

Linsoul Team

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