Tripowin x HBB Mele IEM Product Release and Giveaway

Tripowin x HBB Mele IEM Product Release and Giveaway

by En Deng on Aug 13, 2021

Happy Friday, everyone!

We are pleased to announce that the collaboration between Tripowin and Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews (BGGAR) aka HawaiiBadBoy, has been a success!

BGGAR is a prominent audio reviewer on YouTube and reviewing audio products using his music library is one of his hobbies. He has always been passionate about music, and ever since the rising influence of Chi-Fi, particularly BLON BL-03, he became a fervent supporter of audio products that are value for money. 

With that in mind, to introduce affordable yet good-sounding in-ear monitors to more music lovers, as well as to show his appreciation to his fan base, BGGAR was determined to collaborate with a company to make it happen.

As Matt Mullenweg puts it beautifully, "Technology is best when it brings people together." BGGAR has always been an advocate of Tripowin products, and coincidentally, an opportunity for a collaboration arose. And now we have it, the birth of Tripowin x HBB Mele. 

The Tripowin x HBB Mele, a 10mm Graphene dynamic driver with dual cavity IEM, will be launched on 20th Aug, 2021 (GMT+8), which is next Friday. 
We have prepared sufficient in-stocks but they will be delivered to us in batches. Do order yours im(Mele)diately during launch if you would like to be one of the first few to get it~ 

To celebrate the product launch, we are having this Tripowin x HBB Mele IEM Giveaway! 3 lucky winners will get to win a Mele earphones each~

To get yourself a chance to win, simply follow the steps below: 

Tripowin x BGGAR Mele Earphones Giveaway

This Giveaway will take place from today till 29th Aug, 2021 (GMT+8), and the winners will be announced next month. 

We sincerely thank everyone for your support.

We cannot wait to share more about the Mele product launch.

Have a lovely weekend ahead.

Linsoul Team


  • Saeed
    Sep 01, 2021 at 11:24

    was looking for a blon03 for myself. Imagine if I get the blon03’s upgrade without even getting the blon03… Fingers crossed.


  • Gustavo Silva
    Aug 26, 2021 at 06:31



  • Ireneusz Szmalhofer
    Aug 25, 2021 at 21:34

    Missed out on lunch maybe can get one this way :)


  • Dan
    Aug 23, 2021 at 20:53

    Sounds like a winner ;-)


  • Bojan Kozik
    Aug 23, 2021 at 20:30

    This looks awesome 🤩


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