Linsoul Portable DAC/AMP Recommendations


Greetings everyone.

Great news to all audiophiles and music lovers out there!

Music streaming services have been getting increasingly popular but not many companies offer Hi-Res content. Recently, Apple has finally jumped on the bandwagon too—Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio on Apple Music. You may now have a wonderful listening experience as streaming lossless quality music up to 24-bit/192kHz is now available on Apple Music. Spotify HiFi is also said to be released later this year. These are details that you may not want to miss.

The question then is, how do you normally stream your music? If you are using your mobile phones or computers, there are external DACs that may enhance your audio experience! To enjoy music at a higher bit-depth and sample rate, you may consider getting one of our DAC/AMPs listed~

Looking for something with a 3.5mm single-ended output that is compatible with Type-C or Lightning devices? You may check out Audirect Atom2 MQA and xDuoo Link 2.

Require something with 2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced instead? Sure, consider the
DDHiFi TC44B, which has both balanced outputs available. The Audirect Beam 2S has a 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced output. Talk about best of both worlds.

And if you need powerful devices to drive your headphones or IEMs? We have you covered as well. E1DA is a popular brand among many users as it offers affordable and clean-sounding DACs. Look into the E1DA 9038D if your cable has a 3.5mm single-ended termination, and E1DA 9038S if your cable has a balanced 2.5mm one. 

How about something that is suitable for both desktop and portable use? The Dethonray Honey H1 and iFi Micro iDSD Signature are high-end models that may be pricey for many. However, customers who have purchased them mentioned that they were worth every penny. 

Not a fan of wires? Not a problem at all. Check out Shanling UP4, and their latest UP5, which are Bluetooth products that support codecs such as LDAC, LHDC, AptX HD, AptX LL, AptX, and more. The UP4 has 3.5mm single-ended and 2.5mm balanced outputs, while the UP5 has 3.5mm single-ended, 2.5mm balanced and 4.4mm balanced outputs. 

Other than the DAC/AMPs mentioned, Linsoul Audio has a moderately long list of other portable and non-portable DAC/AMPs available. Do visit our website here if you are interested in getting one (or more)~

Linsoul Team



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