Tipsy TTROMSO PineStone Sea Reviews


Tipsy TTROMSO PineStone Sea


"The Tipsey TTROMSO follows though establishing a new value paradox in the IEM market today. The $89.00 price-to-performance ratio makes the TTROMSO a no brainer purchase decision. Deeply changing what was once thought of as the budget realm, the TTROMSO is truly all you need to visit the Stars!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By Redcarmoose

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" Tipsy TTROMSO is the one that I enjoyed most. I never used the other under 100$ IEMs as my daily driver before. I was switching between He03D and Timeless. I find myself turning back to Tipsy during the day for my casual listening sessions. It’s because of the tuning for sure and Tipsy’s very capable dynamic driver. The amazing timbre of the string instruments throughout the lows and mids section, very natural sounding slightly forward vocals, perfect treble which suits my archive very well, above price range staging and layering capabilities made the TTROMSO one of the most precious IEMs in my collection and it just costs 89$!"


                                                                                                By Ustabas Osman

                                                                                    >>Click for the full review



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