Xenns Mangird Tea2 Reviews



"To me, there’s no doubt the revision of the Teas (i.e. the Tea Mk2) is superior to its predecessor in the technical departments. It’s very obvious that Xenns wanted to try to reach a bracket between the original Teas and Xenns UP, while trying to do something refreshing. To my eyes, they did it."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By nymz
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"Overall it’s a very pleasant and clean listening experience. The Tea 2 produces a complete and well-balanced sound making them versatile enough to be used with almost any genre. If I was looking for the best set of bass earbuds they wouldn’t make the list but if you are someone who listens to a little bit of everything, enjoys analytical and critical listening then these will be right up your street."

                                                                                              By AUDIOPHILE ON

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"The Tea 2 is certainly not a bad IEM. It does offer a more laidback listen relative to the B2, thanks to a more desirable bass tonality, relaxed upper-midrange, and a foil to the B2’s 6kHz peak. But I do feel that the B2 comes out on-top for technical performance even if the IEMs trade blows for raw tuning. It becomes less of a contest with the B2: Dusk which, in my opinion, strikes the ideal balance between the B2's superior technical performance and the Tea 2's more relaxed tonality. "


                                                                                                      By Precogvision

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