• Xenns Mangird Tea2 Reviews

    Xenns Mangird Tea2 Reviews
      "To me, there’s no doubt the revision of the Teas (i.e. the Tea Mk2) is superior to its predecessor in the technical departments. It’s very obvious that Xenns wanted to try to reach a bracket between the original Teas and Xenns UP, while trying to do something refreshing. To my eyes, they did it."                  ...
  • OUR THOUGHTS - Dethonray Prelude DTR1+

    OUR THOUGHTS -  Dethonray Prelude DTR1+
    Dethonray Prelude DTR1+    We have been very satisfied with the Dethonray Honey H1,  whether the sound performance or the software that has been continuously updated. Dethonray just unveiled their new portable music player PRELUDE DTR1+, let’s take a look of this new product together. Design/ Built: Our first impression of the Dethonray DTR1+ is the retro look and exquisite finishing. DTR1+ is relatively...
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