Hiby R2R Portable Player RS6 New Release at Linsoul Audio

Hiby R2R Portable Player RS6 New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Oct 28, 2021

Hiby RS6 R2R

Hiby recently launched the first model of the new RS series-RS6. The functional design of the Hiby RS6 is consistent with recent Hiby models, however, in terms of sound quality and system operation, RS6 presents a new and extraordinary experience.

Let's take a preliminary look at some of the many new audio technologies brought by the new RS6.

Hiby RS6 R2R

Darwin Darwin Architecture with Infinite Possibilities :

Darwin architecture is a new high-definition audio processing architecture independently developed by HiBy. On the basis of traditional R2R technology, it integrates new technologies, including R2R resistance network error linearity technology, pure FIR filter, nonelinear harmonics control, switchable Oversalpling OS/NOS , DSD bypass and other functions.

HiBy has the ability to freely control the entire process on the entire architecture, and can infinitely iterate and evolve on this basis. This is the origin of Darwin's naming.

16 times oversampling 256-order adjustable pure FIR filter:

The Darwin architecture can be up to 16 times oversampling, and there are multiple filtering methods to choose from to ensure the linear phase of the channel, reproduce the original sound on the spot, and arrive at the high frequency and low frequency at the same time, with zero delay. 

Hiby RS6 R2R

Unique R2R design brings high-density and high-energy music:

The RS6 sound perfectly embodies the characteristics of the R2R design. The sound style is stable, the high frequency is sufficient, the musical sense is rich, the sound is real and natural, and the sound expressiveness is very full. Listening to the symphony is like the whole orchestra standing in front of it.

R2R design itself has distortion caused by resistance dispersion. HiBy specially designed a linear compensation technology for R2R resistance network, which effectively reduces distortion. With the unique harmonic control function of Darwin architecture, the sound performance is more relaxed, natural and relaxed.

Switchable OS/NOS mode:

HiBy provides a perfect choice of dual system modes for music lovers. It has fast transient performance in NOS mode, and can be customized in OS mode with high degree of freedom and playability.

DSD Bypass function:

HiBy individually designs channels for DSD audio sources, designed for DSD signal characteristics, reduces high-frequency noise caused by quantization and shaping, and optimizes the sound performance of DSD audio sources.

Hiby RS6 R2R

Equipped with exclusive tuning of branded HiFi IEMS:

HiBy integrates a Darwin controller with high degree of freedom and high playability, which can be adjusted according to your different inclination and preferences of the sound; there are also nearly 10 professional HiFi earplug brand exclusive tunings at home and abroad, all of which are the chief earphone brands The tuner customizes the tuning for RS6 and earphones, which is a perfect fit. More brand plugs are being added to the adaptation.

Support MQA 16x unfolding:

RS6 supports MQA 16x unfolding like the new R6. After more than a year of vigorous promotion by domestic HiFi manufacturers, MQA resources are already one of the well-known audio sources. MQA resources occupy a small area, but it can provide master-level sound reproduction, more abundantly and completely display the original sound of the recording studio, and provide immersive acoustic enjoyment.

Hiby RS6 R2R

Meanwhile, Hiby RS6 also supports Bluetooth 5.0, two-way Bluetooth, and supports UAT, LDAC, APTX, APTX HD, AAC, SBC and other high-definition Bluetooth encoding. You can also use Airplay, DLNA and other methods to transmit music through 2.4G and 5G dual-band WIFI.  Equipped with the classic Hiby os system to ensure the stability of the system and provide a variety of convenient connection functions such as Hiby link, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality music experience. You can make your order here

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