GoldPlanar GL12 Planar IEM Product Announcement

GoldPlanar GL12 Planar IEM Product Announcement

by En Deng on Aug 04, 2021

As a popular brand in the industry of these past two years, GoldPlanar has been bringing us quality sound experiences at affordable prices—ranging from as low as $79.99USD (GP GL400), to mid-range $179.99 (GP GL600), and high-end collection such as the GL2000, GL1200 and GL850.

Having established a solid foundation in manufacturing Planar headphones, GoldPlanar has decided to try out something new this time. GoldPlanar GL12—their latest Planar diaphragm driver IEM. Yes, it is a Planar IEM

The shell of the earphones is made of all aviation aluminium alloy, with unique design and exquisite materials. The special anodising process makes the surface of the GL12 smooth and luxurious. Besides, although the all-metal cavity is used, the single-sided weight of the GL12 is controlled at 6.5 gram, which is a combination of high-end texture and light wear.

The GL12 uses a planar diaphragm unit with a diameter of 12.5mm, combined with an ultra-thin nano diaphragm, which brings more outstanding dynamic performance and more accurate positioning. While the planar unit is used, the overall size is not much different from other IEMs, and the pricing is relatively moderate. Moreover, GL12 uses replaceable sound hole filters to make the self-tuning possible. Two sets of 3.8mm and 4.4mm tuning filters are included in the set, which can be used to achieve more emphasised low-frequency and high-frequency response according to different music styles.

Excellent sound performance is one of the reasons why GoldPlanar is loved by many music lovers. Needless to say, the GL12 also produces an extremely pleasant sound. The N52 strong neodymium-compensated toroidal dual magnetic circuit system with a special patented design provides high energy conversion efficiency. The sensitivity of GL12 is as high as 108dB, which is sufficient for most devices. It can achieve good sound presentation without requiring high-end music players. Additionally, GL12 adopts a semi-open design, which can obtain a wide soundstage like full size flagship headphones. The high, mid and low frequencies are all well balanced, with excellent dynamics, cohesive and fantastic sense of detail, clear layers and natural sound.

To all Planar lovers out there, the GoldPlanar GL12 would definitely be on your radar, in addition to other Planar IEMs such as Tin HiFi P1Dethonray Tender I and more~

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