2022 April Linsoul Earphones Reviews

by Kareena Tang on May 23, 2022


(Image credit: Christopher Coke )


"LETSHUOER has hit the nail on the head with the S12. If you enjoy a bit more bass rumble and detail in your music, these will probably be a better buy for you than the 7Hz Timeless. Sensitive listeners may find it a bit too bright, but I found it to be a well balanced set for music, movies, and even gaming (with Dolby Atmos). At the current price, these earphones are a great value and a solid choice, especially if you’re curious what all the planar magnetic hype is about."


By Christopher Coke

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"If you search for a well balanced W shape signature that offer crisp resolution and will deal like a champion even with your fastest jazz rock or metal track, the Tripowin Olina might be among cheapest introduction to high fidelity audiophile sound."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                By rikfictif

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"ThieAudio has done a pretty good job with the ThieAudio Monarch MKII. We are faced with a product that is almost perfect, except for a few minor details. Frankly, it is not difficult to guess that the tribrid implementation is difficult and it takes time to design and manufacture a good product, but if you ask me, ThieAudio seems to have gone through the 1.5-year R&D process quite well.

Shaped according to the needs of the market, the ThieAudio Monarch MKII has become a good tribrid alternative both technically and in terms of sound signature. If you’re looking for a fairly balanced IEM and need an all-rounder with tribrid flavor, look no further than the Monarch MKII."

                                                                                                          By YAGIZ

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"Suffice it to say, I am pretty astounded by the quality of the Raptgo Hook-X. Its sound signature is almost like catnip to me, with its spacious soundstage, depth, and rich response in a lot of frequency ranges across its spectrum. It performs far, far beyond its $239 price point, and immediately showcases its value as the absolute best open-back IEM currently available. You really need to listen to this one for yourself, as I can’t see anyone not falling in love with it as I have."


                                                                                                      By Alex Schiffer

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"The Leá is a $25 earphone with a good price to performance ratio and a surprisingly mature tuning which will appeal to people who mostly appreciate natural timbre and tonal accuracy.
A nice addition to a well saturated market where everything sounds more or less the same, the Leá can be rightfully considered as your first reference sounding earphone."


                                                                                                       By Ichos

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(Image credit: everydaylistening)

"Hardy metal chassis, Comfortable self-adjusting suspension headband, Tight and controlled bass, Sparkly and well-extended highs, Well-detailed in-class. The TX-901 is an honest first try for the new brand that feels specifically designed for genres with minimal focus on vocals and I think this will be a deal breaker for many."


                                                                                               By RYAN SOO

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