2022 August Linsoul Earphones Reviews

by Kareena Tang on Dec 05, 2022


"For my part, the Thieaudio Wraith is definitely unique, but I like it. The size, comfort, style, and mid-bass push make it fun to listen to and to wear. I plan to keep it at my desk and a part of my regular headphone rotation. "

     By Christopher Coke

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TRN Kirin

"They are moderately dense feeling, well designed, and offered tons of customizable setup options. Hard to ask for more for this price, really."


By Michael

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" At the end of the day, if you're looking for a high quality IEM with good comfort, open-back design, and a lively, bright, open and clean sound, with good detail, good resolution, and wide soundstage, Hook-X is an outstanding option and you should totally consider it for your next audio purchase."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            By Audiophile Heaven

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"The Thieaudio Elixir is a great looking and sounding In-Ear Monitor that impressed me with its natural, smooth and mature sound tuning that I can listen for hours without to feel tired. It offers a decent level clartity and resolution from the lows up to the highs, which fulfils my expectation from a product at this price range. Moreover, it comes with a premium looking storage case and a good detachable Litz cable. "

                                                                                              By GÖKHAN AYDIN

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7hz Salnotes Zero

"If I praised CRA, Mele or Chu when they came out and given their price, it would only make sense to praise Zero as much as I can given it has almost literally my preference curve and it is now probably my favorite all-rounder IEM until the 100 dollar king pins touch base. Is the Zero a perfect IEM? No, it is not, especially in the technical department. But in this reviewer’s opinion, as perfect as 20$ can get you right this moment. Highly and blindly recommended, with a cookie on the side. "


                                                                       By nymz

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"Whether you prefer the more evident bass response of the Salnotes Zero or the Moondrop Chu‘s crisper highs, you really can’t go wrong with either options. Both of them are currently going for only $19.99 on Linsoul, and at this price point, you’re getting absolutely fantastic value for your money. "


                                                                       By Nextrift

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"Simply told, the Salnotes IEM is the top-of-the-line affordable beast. Salnotes is the better option among several under $100 IEMs. It is going to be one of the most affordable IEMs for both its sound quality and cost. "


                                                                       By Sadman

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TINHiFi Tin Buds 3

"If you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earphones that most resemble the experience of having a good pair of IEMs, the Tin Buds 3 makes a good effort. Some parts of its sound signature are far from perfect, but they still bring some character to the sound that isn’t present on a lot of wireless earbuds, particularly in the highs. With good battery life, connectivity, and comfortability, the Tin Buds 3 are absolutely worth it for only $89.52. "


                                                                       By Alex Schiffer

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"Given my preference for a beefier tuning, I like the Tin Buds 3 much more than I expected— even if they are not detail monsters or optimal for heavier fare they are refined and “musical” . That they are something of an aesthetic landmark is an added bonus. Too polite to be endgame, but very good value and a nice addition to the family. "


                                                                       By Loomis T. Johnson

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