2022 October Linsoul Earphones Reviews

2022 October Linsoul Earphones Reviews

by Kareena Tang on Dec 05, 2022


"Yanyin’s mid-tier offering, the Canon features a great price-to-performance ratio in my opinion with its features. There is much that is positive about the Canon. Yanyin’s craftsmanship is impressive, and so does the quality of materials and accessories. "

     By YAGIZ

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Tripowin Rhombus

"Even though Tripowin knows how to make a reliable and nice-sounding budget IEM, the Rhombus is going to be more of your standard experience. While nothing about it really pops out to me, it is also completely inoffensive in its performance."


By Alex Schiffer

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Kinera Gumiho

" For fifty dollars, the Gumiho is going to be one of the best budget IEMs around. It is impressive in how much of the planar experience it is able to replicate for its simplistic design. I think adding in the balanced armature helped the sound out quite a bit here, especially in the upper-mids and treble. It isn’t a perfect sound singsture by any means, but at fifty dollars you can expect a level of quality only a brand like Kinera can deliver."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            By Alex Schiffer

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SeekReal Airship

"The SeekReal Airship sounds gorgeous. I am very impressed with it and for the price, it really puts the Shuoer Tape in its place by a few steps. This is refined, smooth, easy to power, and very clean in tone and texture.
Interesting IEM, no doubt! This is one of the most beautiful sounding neutral IEMs I’ve had in a very long time."

                                                                                              By Michael

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7hz Salnotes Zero

"That said though, there was little more to really dislike given the price point of JUST $19.99!! I can't believe it! This is quite an easy recommendation for me. It hits a lot of my tuning desires, and its technical performance ain't bad. It hits well above it's bargain price point, and then some."


                                                                       By Antdroid

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"I suspect that some fans of the original Oracle will scoff at the heightened bass the MKII provides. They’re not wrong that it’s a surprising departure. But in doing so, the whole set feels more well rounded and fun to listen to. Add in its much better fit and you have one of the best releases of the year. At this point, if you can’t afford the Monarch MKII, the Oracle MKII feels like the next best thing.  "


                                                                       By Christopher Coke

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"The RAPTGO HOOK-X are part of the latest wave of in-ear planar headphones. The planar part appears to be working as intended, with coherent bass and midrange that sound great, thanks to their good balance and great level of detail. On the other hand, treble can be a serious issue as it has quite significant spikes that can result in fatigue. As I said, I suspect that the culprit for these spikes is the piezoelectric driver, but I have no conclusive proof on that and it’s more of a sensation due to other earphones with piezoelectric drivers I have tried which exhibited very similar behaviour. On the positive side, the accessory set is great and the cable is one of the best I’ve seen in the sub-$500 range. "


                                                                       By Riccardo Robecchi

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