2022 June Linsoul Earphones Reviews

2022 June Linsoul Earphones Reviews

by Kareena Tang on Jul 11, 2022



"For the most part, the Elixir are a success, capturing the cohesiveness and smooth presentation that better single dynamic driver IEMs can produce."


By Trav Wilson

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Xenns Mangird Tea2


"The Xenns Mangird Tea2 IEM is a bass and midrange-focused IEM. At $349, it sits at the beginning of the ultra-competitive space of mid-tier IEMs.

Price to performance ratio is ever so important within this realm and on-lookers tend to fish for that one “all-rounder IEM” to pull them into the rabbit hole of the audiophile world. If you fancy a musically engaging IEM with very good value, then this will definitely pull you in – and in you shall go."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              By Joshua

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"The Raptgo Hook-X is a refreshing new addition to the existing and rapidly growing planar magnetic IEM category. Not only does it sound good but it shows the makers have a certain flair for original and interesting physical designs.

Hook-X is a sweet blend of musicality and technical agility. It’s good enough to secure a place as one of the best planar magnetic IEMs in its price range "

                                                                                                     By David Becker

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Tripowin Leá


"In general, I would take the Tripowin Leá over the KZ EDA, although it's closer than you would think—the Leá wins purely because of its simple, effective tuning. "


                                                                                                     By VSG

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"If you like clean and calm tones, you will enjoy the P1 MAX neutral tuning. The sound stage is wide and evenly spaced out with a lot of depth and height, which lets you hear micro-details in the audio you normally can't pick up with dynamic drivers. Because the bass and treble are not overdone, the listening experience is more relaxing. "


                                                                                                    By Noel Palacios

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